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About us

J2 Y haplogroup members with extra DYS 464 copies, whatever their surnames, are the focus of this study. (These are markers reported as DYS 464e, or letters beyond e.)

This is a regional and haplogroup branch project, rather than one based on a single surname. Many members are confirmed or predicted to belong to the J-L70 (J2a1h2a). If you are J2 and have an extra DYS 464 copy, have a confirmed L70+ SNP marker, or match at least 23/25 or 33/37 at FTDNA or on Y-search with another J2 who has an extra DYS 464 copy, you can help us determine its significance.

Our goal is to learn how frequently the extra markers appear among J2 haplotypes, whether they persist or ar lost over following generations, and their significance in determining genetic distances from people who lack the extra copy.

If you were tested at FTDNA, you can join by using the join button on your personal page.

If you tested with another firm, send your Y-search surname and reference number to the administrator to be added manually.