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J2 Middle East

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10 hours ago
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 الرمالي Konstantin Strakovsky a Al Sharqawi Mustafa Mohd
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August 12, 2015 @ 8:41am
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 Al yahya Abdel Fattah  Saket  Khaled Saqr Ali خالد صقر علي التميمي Esmat Al-Ogbi (العقبي) Essam Al Shamary (Wakas studies T) Imadal العساف طيء (Wakas studies T) Abo Mohamad Al-Hamadani
Al-Aqeli Al-Khaledi
August 12, 2015 @ 2:30am
يا جماعة اللي يبا يعرف اكثر عن نتيجته يشارك في المنتديات مثل:
Eng-Hamed alfailakawi
February 21, 2016 @ 2:51am
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته الله يعطيك العافية أخي المشكلة اني مشترك في هذا المنتدي ولكن لم يردي علي إلا شخص واحد فقط وهو إنسان انه بحق انسان محترم ويستحق كل الثناء والشكر أما بعض الناس في المنتدي حولو المنتدي إلي ساحة حرب بين الاعضاء حيث كل شخص يشكك بنتيجة الاخر ويشكك في نسبه للاسف حيث كل صاحب نتيجة يقول سلالتي هي من نسل عدنان او من قحطان للاسف أن هذا العلم يستخدمه البعض بشكل خاطئ وشكرا اخي العزيز
Rashed Al-Asfour العصفور
April 19 @ 12:06am
اخوي العقيلي الخالدي ممكن التواصل معاي على رقم. +96550977744
Deyab Al Khamiss(الخميس)
20 hours ago
صدقت اخي الكريم Eng-Hamed alfailakawi بدل ما تكون الاستفادة منه للم شمل الناس وصلنا الى نبذ و شتم الاخرين، الله يهدي الجميع
Eduardo Matos Eduardo Matos
April 23 @ 10:52pm
My maternal grandfather's family was from Lebanon. I don't know anything about them. They went to the Dominican Republic perhaps from Lebanon or Spain or Portugal. This must have occurred over 4 or 5 generations back. Their surname is Matos and my grandfather was J2.
Eduardo Matos
April 24 @ 8:32pm
B184327 the only test that I have done is v3 of 23&me.
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April 24 @ 2:17am
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 سعود بن عبدالعزيز بن محمد بن عبدالعزيز آل جعفر آل Yasser ياسر عبدالعزيز الصهيل mustafa Slie (IQ Project) Quentin Belarbi  جمعه الراشد  Abbas 580963 (Sada Proj.) Wael Ali Al Juboori (IQ Project) Hussein Asker Abo Abdulrahman Zeyad 2016 Isa albinkhatam Bashar Ibrahim Eduardo Matos
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April 18 @ 1:48pm
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salm 49ab آل مفتي - الرياض Rashed  Al-Asfour العصفور  الكثيري Salah  Al-Asfour العصفور هشام السرحاني محمود محسن بني عباد (Abufaisal.T)  حسين علي عبدالعزيز البراك Hasan Dzidahanov Adel Altamimi Tro Achjian
Jacob Metz Jacob Metz
April 16 @ 5:19am
Interesting map of the traditional tribal regions of Arabia
Rashi Rosenzweig Rashi Rosenzweig
April 3 @ 10:10am
According to 23&me, I'm now J2-M172. Who here is in this "club"?
Allan Benassi
April 13 @ 1:45pm
Hi Doonius. This is the very question that I asked myself when I first looked into all of this. You have to do the Y37 STR marker test so that FTDNA have a saliva sample from you. I don't know why they can't just ask for a sample and then do the BigY straight away but that's how it works. In the past they provided a 12 STR marker test but that doesn't exist any more and the 37 is the cheapest initial test available now.
Doonius .
April 13 @ 3:07pm
Hi Allan no what I meant was I have already done the Y111 marker test it is more accurate then the Y37 marker test I believe kindly correct me if you have any idea about that...
Allan Benassi
April 14 @ 9:49am
Sorry Doonius. I thought you were just starting out with regard to all the testing. The only way to get an accurate terminal clade is to do the BigY and then do YFULL. Since you have already done 111markers you can go ahead and do the BigY now. I wouldn't bother messing around with individual SNP tests. It works out to be more expensive in the long-run and a very drawn out process. Are you doing the tests because you are trying to find close, recent male relatives or are you doing the tests just for fun to see where your ancient male line was from and where they migrated to? The reason I am asking is because STR (Short Tandem Repeat) test results, which is what you have at the moment, are only really useful for tracing close relatives. Anything more than one genetic difference (GD) at 37 markers and they are pretty much useless with regard to confirming a close relationship, ie father, grandfather and they are completely useless at predicting what your terminal clade might be. Many would have you believe you can calculate how far back you were related to someone by using STR values but this theory has pretty much been proven to be an exaggeration. STR testing was first used for paternity testing and for crime scene investigation (gives probability that accused was at the scene of the crime). SNP testing is the only reliable way to calculate dates for TMRCA (time of most recent common ancestor). Apologies if you know all of this stuff already.
Doonius .
April 14 @ 2:20pm
Thank you for your time no need to apologies.
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April 9 @ 4:47am
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xx Tsargasov  السرحان M Alrajabaney	Abdulaziz Al-Khalifa عبدالعزيز بن محمد بن حسن آل خليفة Ioan Said  السرحان  السرحان  قصي الطيب (A.P proj) Iraq   البشاره-ابوالخصيب (A.P Aproj)  بن بحر (A.P proj)  العلي-العراق (A.P proj) Ramiz Sabbagh (IQ Project) محمد الراشد الأسعدي العتيبي Adnane Addioui RAWYA TUBAISHAT
Ioan Said Ioan Said
April 5 @ 4:41pm
Hello! I'm apparently Q-M242, but my last name is Said, so just trying to figure things out.
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April 1 @ 1:13pm
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Benjamin Merson  سعد عيسى بوعائشة A Al-Janabi (IQ Project) عباس جاسم موسى الجعفري  الجعفري Ali Hasaw (IQ Project) abbas Qazanchi (IQ Project) فيصل  الطاهر Fahed Hannouch