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Y-DNA research J-PH4970 Hg's, STR-Haplotypes incl. near clusters, DYS391=9
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Volunteer Y-DNA Haplotype and Haplogroup Research Project for Y-DNA J-PH4970 DYS391=9 and near haplotypes (formerly in the paragroup J-L26*, J2a4*, J2a1*, etc.). 
Basic Subclades 2020FGC16130 @FT/YF, FGC16079 @YF, FGC16088 @FT, FGC35005 @FT, Y19679 @YF, FGC16139, BY37598 @FT, BY37605 @YF, BY46447 @FT, BY45890 @YF, BY49875 @FT, Y135096 @YF, BY171994 @FT, Y155309 @YF, BY40424 @FT/YF, FGC30776 @FT/YF, FGC30788, Z34439 @YF, Y63356 @YF, PH1137 @FT, Y139192 @YF. 

Breadcrumb Haplogroup/SNP Sequence: J-M304>M172>M410>CTS7683>L26>PF5088>Z2220>PF5197>PF5172>Z7314>PF5169>FGC16096>PH4970,Y14400
If you are positive for the SNPs please join also: J2a-PF5197 (PF5172, Y8998) Haplogroup research - for the main J2-M172 haplogroups research and all affiliated and more projects visit: j2-m172.info

SNPs/clades with haplotypes of interest: Z2221/PF5160, Z2397/PF5197, L1064, L251.2, L777; L70*DYS462=10; M47; M68; PF5119*I; L210, Z489; M92*B

Sub-Haplogroup-Projects/Sites of J-PH4970,Y14400J2a-FGC30793 (Italy: Zanatta, Upper Rhine: Gatter, Vetterle)

Your benefit when you join - beside subgrouping 

  • Bringing high and low resolution kits together: High-Res kits (67+ STR-Markers, deepest terminal SNPs) will be used as "anchors" for Low-Res kits (37 or less STR-Markers, no SNPs under J2a-L26). The Grouping will be done by calculating the genetic distances: Distance nomenclature system is three digits. Different Groups can have the same distance, but are divided by Macro-Cluster namenclature: This is either the part of the Haplogroup Name sub of J2a-PH4970 and/or a haplotype Cluster Name (Paragroups from J-Project). Micro-Clusters are kits in the same Group (low distance max. 19-39 generations).
  • Understand what Low-Res matches are "false": The FTDNA-Match-calculation is not able to detect the most interesting Low-res matches (Y12, Y25) and this project tries to help here. If you see your Low-res matches grouped here in different Macro-Clusters, they are probably "false matches". 
  • Probable area of expansion of Micro-Clusters: geographical region is given; without ? when comfirmed by three diverse kits/surname matches (also outside the project)
  • Get help for your best next upgrade: ▶ indicates a suggestion for the kits in this group that would be interesting for research and better evidence. 

Basic Subclades of J-PH4970,Y14400 Research Tree (see also Tree image below): FGC16130 @FT/YF, FGC16079 @YF, FGC16088 @FT, FGC35005 @FT, Y19679 @YF, FGC16139, BY37598 @FT, BY37605 @YF, BY46447 @FT, BY45890 @YF, BY49875 @FT, Y135096 @YF, BY171994 @FT, Y155309 @YF, BY40424 @FT/YF, FGC30776 @FT/YF, FGC30788, Z34439 @YF, Y63356 @YF, PH1137 @FT, Y139192 @YF. 

Basic Tree 2020