J2b/M102, excluding M241
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About us

This project is for all J-M172->J2b/J-M102 tree, except for the M241 subclade (a separate project), and is a partnering sub-project to the J2-M172 Gateway project. Formed about 27,000 years ago in the Middle East, J2b/M102 has an incredibly rich history with descendants spanning throughout the Middle East, Mediterranean, and all parts of Europe. Please join us to be part of this exciting journey in rediscovering our ancestors’ history if your kit is confirmed or predicted J-M102 or one of its sub-haplogroups, excluding M241. If you don’t know your downstream haplogroup below J-M172/M12, you can use the Y-haplogroup Predictor tool at www.nevgen.org. This project includes all haplogroups under J2b1/M205, J2b2b/PH1648, and possibly J2b2/Z1827, Z574, Z575, excluding M241. There are two main goals for this Project: 1) Advance research into the phylogeny, geographic origins, and migration patterns of the M102 tree 2) Provide assistance to members in interpreting their matches and finding Y-DNA relatives. Please click the Background tab for more information.