J2a-M67 (J-M67, J-M92, etc.)

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About us

Welcome to the Haplogroup J2a-M67 project.
Our knowledge of the main branches within haplogroup J-M67 has increased in the last couple of years. We now know that there are three main branches (Z500, Y4036, Z7671), as well as one additional smaller branch M67(xZ1847) that is still in the process of being discovered.
Please note (Jan. 2016): the project is inactive until further notice will be given. Please see in the partnering J2-M172@FTDNA project for research, grouping and support and j2-m172.info/.../m67/ for some background of M67 research.
For known Sub-Haplogroups see M67 Basic/Sub part of J2-M172 Research Tree simplified (Image below of Summer 2017) or YFull YTree J-M67.