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About us

According to the Arab genealogists the Arabs are the descendant of Eber (Aber)thier mythical grate grandfather .

The Aber two branches are:

1-The(Abrahemites) The descendants of Abraham PBUH ,Divided into two main groups the ancient (Ishmailite )Arabs or the Northern Arabs the descendants of (Ismail) ,and the second Ishmailite group the Adnanite Arabs .

Their origins believed to be from the southern Mesopotamia the modern Iraq and the first appearance of the Ismailite Arabs was in Mecca and its surrounding aria (Al Hejaz) probably between (1700-1500 BC),
Then they spread to (Najad ) and to all over Arabia .

The Adnanite arabs existed between (200BC -50 BC)and Divided into two main branches Mudhar and Rabeaa , from Mudhar came Qurayish the tribe of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) .

2-The Qahtanite Arabs or the southern Arabs the Descendants of Qahtan , existed probably in 2500 BC.

The Qahtanite are divided into two branches,the Sabaeans and the Hadhramies, the Sabaies by their turn divided into Himyarites and Kahlanies;

-From Himyarites Arabs Came Qudhaa ,thu Raidan ,Malik and Kaab.

-From the Kahlanies came Al Azd, Mudhaj, Hamadan, Khuolan, Tayi,Lakhm ,Jutham , Kinda , Amila , Ashar ,AlHan and Bujaila .

They were located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, the modern Yemen and Oman, gradually they spared all over Arabia.


Any Arab person with J1e(+p58)Subclade can participate to this project; the minimum requirement for participation is the J1 Haplogroup confirmation or prediction and the 12 STR Markers test.

Project Goals

This project is launched in Sep 10th 2008 to understand the Arab tribes and their genetic relation with the Ancient Israelites,with other Semitics and other J1e's.