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Italy DNA Project

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About us

This project exists to identify the Y-DNA and mtDNA of direct Italian/Sardinian/Sicilian lines. Autosomal results will not be displayed. If you only have autosomal results, please order a Y-DNA or mtDNA test. Please do not request membership in this project unless you are of direct Italian paternal ancestry (father's father's father....) or direct Italian maternal ancestry (mother's mother's mother...). Join requests not meeting these criteria will not be accepted. Simply having Y-DNA or mtDNA that is common in Italy is not enough to join this project. If your haplogroup is common in Italy, please join one of the haplogroup specific projects.

The Italy DNA Project serves as an important resource to anyone of Italian heritage who is researching their family's history using genetic testing. This project to open to all direct descendants of an Italian man or woman. We accept and welcome both Y-DNA and mtDNA test results. If you want to join our project then click here!. If you've already joined the Genographic Project, sponsored by National Geographic, it is easy to transfer your results to the Italy DNA Project too.

Project Goals:

The first goal of the Italy DNA Project is to help its members verify and extend their family trees. By accumulating genealogical data and DNA haplotypes, we hope to assist our members in expanding their understanding of their Italian roots. The second goal of the Italy DNA Project to further our understanding of the genetic makeup and genetic history of what is now Italy. By combining our resources, we hope to make sense of the historical impact of population migrations and expansions. Helping us to accomplish these goals is the new Italy DNA Project blog. We update it as often as we can with information that we think will be interesting and relevant to our participants.

Other Projects:

In addition to The Italy DNA Project, there are a number of independently managed regional and provincial Italian DNA projects as well. Please contact the Administrators of these projects for more information.
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