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About us

In 2008 we have proved two lineages that connect in Frederick County, MD. Two lineages that are of Nordic (I) origin and the remainder of Western European (R1b). There are individual samples having the E3b, R1a and J haplotypes and this has been a surprise. All told we think we're looking at at least a dozen or more separate IRELAND lineages, which are not related to one another. This was expected and the testing is validating this thesis. None of the other lines to date have a valued most recent ancestor which would lead us to believe any connection.

In one case we have reunited a THOMPSON, who was genetically born an IRELAND. Through great detective work the member was able to prove definitively the connection.

In the US and Canada we have associated one group from Virginia to a Scotish line. In the South East we've reconnected three lines who could not be taken back prior to the early 1800s.

In Kentucky, we are showing that three previously known groups converged from different points in three different timeframes into the sae general location of that state.

In Maryland we are showing that several groups are completely unrelated.

In New York we are showing a connections to an historic lineage that was speculated to be connected to lines there, through New Jersey and elsewhere as in fact being of the same genetic line.

These are a few of the issues being discovered, resolved and generally worked on at the moment, but there are more.

Though the results do not afirm pinpoint connections they have allowed us to not pursue lines of research which would no doubt be fruitless endeavors otherwise, within the bounds of lines we now know to either be or not be related.

This is ongoing.