Iranian DNA Project

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About us

This project intends to establish connections between Iranian families by performing a Y-Chromosome (Y-DNA) or mitochondrial (mtDNA) test on any male or female with direct ancestry from Iran. Lines that trace back exclusively to Iran's territory are invited to participate in this project. Iran's population is not limited to the Persian-speaking majority; significant minorities include Azeris, Kurds, Balochis, the Talysh, Loris & Bakhtiaris, Iranian Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Turkmens and the Qashqai. Due to Iran's ethnic heterogeneity, this project will focus specifically on ethno-linguistic divisions in the country. As such, Iranian-speaking lines from beyond Iran's borders, such as Pashtuns from Afghanistan, are not eligible to join this project. Iranian surnames are mostly recent in origin and became the status quo after government-led reforms in the 1920's. Most Iranian surnames are based on occupations, prior homesteads and also culturo-religious symbols. This project also welcomes other ethnic groups that speak Iranian languages or are from geographic areas that had historical connections to Iran. It has no political (Pan-Iranism, etc.) or religious agenda. It's aim is to find Y-DNA and mtDNA connections between the various ethnic groups in Iran and the regions that surround it.