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Devant Maharaj Devant Maharaj
August 1 @ 7:26pm
Is anyone here from the Caribbean? Thousands of Indians came to the island of Trinidad between 1845 to 1917. Today half the population of the island is persons of indian origin.
Ranjit Hayre
August 30 @ 12:45pm
My stepson's girlfriend is the same. Her father's background is from Trinidad (his mother was Indian, his father Scottish) & her DNA test showed her Indian roots at about 25% which makes sense as she would be a 1/4. On GEDmatch, her Indian roots were divided saying she was 17% Dravidian & 8% Indo-Aryan.
Kenneth Brown
November 9 @ 5:19am
That's interesting Ranjit. How can you find that breakup on Gedmatch?
Adil Shah
December 13 @ 6:09pm
The HarappaWorld Admixture calculator gives that breakdown.
Sonny Sidhu Sonny Sidhu has a question!
September 24 @ 11:05pm
Could the group admin reassign the grouping for my mtDNA result? I've had my mtDNA fully sequenced and I am now M5a2a1a1
Adil Shah
November 13 @ 5:46pm
My wife is M5a2
mireille de bruijn mireille de bruijn
June 4 @ 2:26pm
dear, my name is mireille de bruijn. i know doesnt sound hindustani at all. mother was born and raised in surinam south america, daughter of indian contract workers on the plantations there. all my life they never told me they lived on plantations. i found out that my great great grandmother came to surinam by boat from india with just her first name: maryam. and her three sons. their names are in the archives of surinam. however...thats all we know. no photos nothing. the information she gave her children about nowhere to be found in documents or archives online. they told us she was born in 1846 in nalbazar north india. was married to a man with the last name khodabux, had three sons ,divorced ,came to surinam and married there again...had kids ,divorced and married again had another child and divorced again. i did a MTDNA full sequence test and found out, im haplogroup R6a2!! which is found in south india. and among a specific group. the cochin jews. i know in surinam she was married to a man named kudrut bakhtali, but i cant find anything about him either online. my haplogroup cant be found in north india. i really wanna find indo on there anybody who might know something?? could it be she changed the info in surinam.cant think of a reason why
mireille de bruijn
June 8 @ 1:23pm
miriam/maryam is a very common name among jews. its from miriam the sister of moshe actually who is a very important person in the scriptures. the christians made miriam into mary. the name of yeshua's (jesus was not really his name) mother was miriam and not mary. the catholics changed that.
Kenneth Brown
November 9 @ 5:29am
The only Miriam I have ever met was from Iran or Persia if you prefer. Farsi is of course a Persian language . The Parsi's have lived in India for centuries. Urdu of course had many Persian words, or so I'm told. My mother learned Urdu instead of Hindi for some reason. She went to school in Shimla.
rajindra maraj
November 11 @ 9:52pm
khodabux=Khoda Baksh...This was a common surname in the Girmit community in the Caribbean
mireille de bruijn
November 13 @ 1:55pm
ohhhh awesome comes originally from persia....khoda means god.
Ngima Dawa Tamang Ngima Dawa Tamang
November 12 @ 1:36pm
Dear project members, my name is Jari Kinnunen, born in Finland but living in Sweden, I belong to Y-DNA haplogroup N. I write here on behalf of my old friend Ngima Dawa Tamang from Nepal who is Y-DNA haplogroup O. Apparently mine and Dawas common ancestor belonged to haplogroup NO, formed about 40.000 years ago, possibly in the area of Chinese/Mongolian border, but we don't know that for sure. We both would be interested in any matches regarding haplogroup N and O from Asia. Thanks! :)
Trevor Hislop Trevor Hislop has a question!
October 23 @ 8:24am
I am on this project in my own right, but asking now on behalf of my wife. She is Indian with Goan ancestry and her autosomal test has just been reported as 100% South Asian ethnicity. Family tradition, however, has at least two of her Gt grandparents being born in Portugal sometime after 1800, and some other ancestors born there sometime before that. Her maiden name is Portuguese, but I know that means little in Goa. There are no known formal records to support this. Is the ethnicity result or the family history more likely to be misleading?
Muhammad Faisal
October 25 @ 1:25am
Your original ancestral genes dilute with mix up over time. My people came from Central Asia in 1600s but I am 90% with Punjabi genes now.
Adil Shah
October 25 @ 6:19pm
@ Marian. One has 8 gt-grandparents, so 2/8=25%; so she should have some appreciable amount of Iberian/European markers in her gene. Most companies don't have good representations of South Asian populations, so they tend to lump everything together. You may want to upload raw data to GEDmatch and run admixture proportions using Harappa model and see what reveals. Caution, once you upload in to GEDmatch -- it becomes public. (I personally don't mind it , I have done it myself).
Adil Shah
October 25 @ 6:22pm
@ Faisal. I think your Central Asian markers are still with you, in that remaining 10%. I have around 5% Turkic/Mongolian markers in me, from over anywhere between 200 to 800 years before.
Kenneth Brown
November 9 @ 5:15am
Marian, FTDNA is showing me as 17% South Asian which is accurate but like you I also have Portuguese ancestors from a man born in Lisbon in 1820 who went to Goa. FTDNA doesn't show me as having Iberian genes. However, I uploaded my DNA to MyHeritage (for free) and that too is 17% South Asian but it also shows 10% Iberian. This in fact is quite strange because I believe that FTDNA does the DNA testing for MyHeritage but for ethnicity they must use different criteria.
mireille de bruijn mireille de bruijn
October 24 @ 5:29pm
whohas more info on R6a2??? the new option of haplotrees in the country report there isnt even R6a2 just b and R6 :( and withR6it shows kuwait. which makes sense. im gonna do family finder but in the mean time does anyyybody have any info on R6a2?
Waseem Mehar Waseem Mehar
July 9, 2015 @ 4:22pm
Wanted to kindly remind Admin, that I tested positive as +Y7 under R-L657
Harish Bhat
September 9 @ 7:58pm
I am also R1-L657-Y7 ; Brahmin from South West India ; Are there mor R1-Y7 in the group ?
Muhammad Faisal
September 28 @ 11:22am
A R1b M73 from Punjab.
Muhammad Faisal
September 30 @ 10:43am
Its true that Punjab is predominantly a R1a land, mostly of Indo-Iranian/Scythic extraction. The anomaly of my people, the Central Asian R1b, is still shrouded in the movement of Turko-Mongol movement/conquests. I find my Y Haplo cousins mostly in Kuman/Kazak Kipchak people. My ancestors probably moved into India with Moguls in 14th Cent.
Muhammad Faisal
September 30 @ 10:47am
They have been here in Punjab for about 500 years now so my Family Finder tells me that my genetic ancestry is 80% North West Indian Peninsula and 20% comes from Turkey/Armenian lands. This 20% baffles me.
Senthil Natarajan Senthil Natarajan
August 13 @ 8:04am
Why does it say "Your Predicted Haplogroup is F-M89" even after Y-111 results? Do I need to do anything else to make it confirmed. Also, unlike mtDNA the haplogroup was not mentioned in the certificate.
Adil Shah
September 3 @ 11:13pm
I got two brother-in-laws tested. Also I paid for my grand mother-in-law. Hopefully, more will come soon.
Adil Shah
September 3 @ 11:13pm
Also, upload your data on GEDmatch website, you may find a few more matches there.
Senthil Natarajan
September 4 @ 12:45am
Thanks Adil. You're super active. I have wife and kids tested but that's of limited use. Brother is testing with 23andme. Maybe getting the elders to test is a good idea
Troy Pushkar c/o Renathe-Johanne Wågenes
September 9 @ 3:56am
It's always a good Idea to get the elders to take a DNA test. But I think you schould take the DNA-test at the same place. If people is using difference places to do the DNA-test. they can not see each other.
Senthil Natarajan Senthil Natarajan
August 3 @ 6:27pm
Got the mtDNA Full sequence results. I'm U2a1a. Will start understanding more this weekend. Hi fellow "U2a1a" wherever you are.
Avinash Bhat Avinash Bhat
May 6 @ 2:21am
Joining on behalf of my husband, he's estimated to be H-M69. He's a Havyaka Brahmin (Bhat) from Karnataka, they are thought to have been concentrated in the South Kanara & Kasaragod area, originated from about 30-35 families who migrated from other parts of Karnataka in mid to late 1700. Havyakas in general are thought to have come from Uttar Pradesh to the royal courts of Kadamba in south India to perform the royal Hindu rituals and related functions of the empire’s government. Any others like him in the forum (Havyaka or H-M69)?
Bryan Aliar
June 3 @ 4:17am
@Avinash: Hey there! My Haplogroup is H-M69 as well :) And yes, my ancestors were Brahmins from U.P.! May I ask what your husband's gotra is?
Muhammad Faisal
June 6 @ 2:52am
I guess most of the Elite Indian classes belonged to R1a with some J2 thrown in.
Ahmad محمّد ناجي بن محمود أبو صالح (فرع أمين)
July 30 @ 9:12am
Ahmad محمّد ناجي بن محمود أبو صالح (فرع أمين)
July 30 @ 9:15am
This is a study made by eupedia mods. It shows that J2 is the only haplogroup which corresponds in geographic and local distribution to the Aryan Invaders. Also, been found in Ayodhya and other Indus valley old civilisation. Also, the J2a is only found in the Highest classes of brahmins, while other haplogroups may be found in lower classes.