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Iberian Peninsula

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About us

I. To discover the ancient origins of our Iberian heritage through Y-DNA and Mt-DNA haplogroups. The following is a list of possible ancestry for participants of Spanish, Portuguese, and/or Andorran roots:

a) Basque
b) Celt
c) Berber
d) Phoenician
e) Greek
f) Carthaginian
g) Roman
h) Sephardic Jew
i) Gypsy
j) Suebi
k) Vandal
l) Alan Sarmatian
m) Visigoth
n) Hun
o) Berber Moor
p) Arab Moor
q) Sub-Saharan African
r) Seljuk Turk
s) Slav
t) Magyar

II. To determine the different DNA haplogroups that made an impact on Iberia.

III. To discover previously unknown living relatives.

IV. To determine migration patterns of different families.

V. To see if similar sounding surnames are related.

VI. To discover how closely related all of us really are.

VII. To share this information with others so that we can learn more about where we came from.