I1-L1301+ L1302-

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About us

The objective of the I1-L1301+ L1302- project is to investigate the genealogical connections between the L1301 clusters in North Western Europe. Of special interest is to find a possible geographical origin of the L1301 SNP.

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This project is intended for everybody positive for the I1-L1301 SNP but tested or assumed negative for its subclade I1-L1302 (L1301+ L1302-)

There are two parallell projects
  • I1-L1301+ L1302- (this project)
  • I1-L1302
If you have reason to belive that you are L1302+ you should join the I1-L1302 project instead of this project.

The I1-L1301+ L1302- and 
I1-L1302 projects are closely related and it can be hard to predict if you are L1302- (belong to I1-L1301+ L1302-) or L1302+ (belong to I1-L1302). Please do not hesitate to email us if you want advice on where you belong.

The L1301+ L1302- map

Icons showing a representative selection of samples of this subclade.

Investigating the L1301 subclade
The L1301 subclade consists of many clusters and branches where each branch could be a group of surnames or families. To find out these relations, you have to collect as much data about your Y-DNA as possible. One way to get deep knowledge about your particular branch is to take the Big Y test. By doing this you get a huge amount of SNPs which in combination with other Big Y tests will reveal the tiniest branches. If you are interested in this, please let us know so we can tell you more about it.