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The project funds are collected for testing of carriers of haplogroup I1 of scientific samples. All samples were positive for SNP M253. There is an opportunity for the study of haplotypes from the following people:

Russian (6 haplotypes)

Meschera (2 haplotypes)

Mari (1 haplotype)

Erzya (3 haplotypes)

Crimean Greeks (9 haplotypes)

Komi (1 haplotype)

Altay people (4 haplotypes)

Tuvans (or Tuvinians) (5 haplotypes)

Volga Tatars (10 haplotypes)

Tatars Myshary (4 haplotypes)

Chuvash people (2 haplotypes)

Cossacks lower Don (10 haplotypes)

Cossacks upper Don (9 haplotypes)

Karelians (3 haplotypes)

Ukrainians (41 haplotypes)

Central Kazakhs (1 haplotype)

Circassian (1 haplotype)