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I1 L813 Y-DNA Haplogroup

Welcome to the Nordic Brotherhood of I-L813 !
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About us

Haplogroup I-L813 is a descendant haplogroup of the huge I-M253 Haplogroup via intervening clades down an ancient line of descent, as follows:


1-L813 itself is estimated to date from about 900 BC.* The group is heavily populated with members who trace their ancestry to Finland, Sweden, or Norway.  It is therefore reasonably presumed that members who trace their ancestry to Britain, Ireland, and elsewhere, are further descended from the Viking migrations in most cases.

L813 has nearly a dozen known direct subclades, with just one of them, FGC9487 (200 BC), comprising about 60% of all of the further descended subclades.  A few steps further down the FGC9487 line of descent, via FGC9487>FGC9493>FGC9494>FGC9486, the FGC9486 clade (150 BC) has nearly a dozen further subclades of its own.  Consequently, the L813 Family Tree is extremely lopsided in favor of the FGC9487>...>FGC9486 branch. Further, one particular subclade of FGC9486, which is Y13039 (300 AD), comprises 1/3 of all of the further descended subclades of FGC9486.  This phenomenon is known as “asymmetric bifurcation”, a characteristic also found in tree plants and the bronchial branches in our lungs. However, Y-DNA testing is not yet sufficiently widespread to eliminate “testing bias”, due to Americans in general, and some families in particular, dominating the testing.  So perhaps over time, the L813 tree structure won’t be quite as lopsided as currently.

* Date estimates are derived from analysis of some results by Y-Full, a commercial DNA analysis firm.