I-FGC52010 and Subclades

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About us

To assist the I-FGC52010 and Subclades project in its efforts to identify the origin, descendant branches, and distribution of I-FGC52010 and its subclades, members should:

- Upgrade their FTDNA STR test to FTDNA’s Big Y test. (This will confirm their position among the other I-FGC52010 descendants, and it may lead to the discovery of new branches in the Y-DNA tree.)

- Provide their paternal-line information to the project administrator for inclusion in the Background section of the website. (Please see the Background section for examples of content and format.)

- Invite close and distant paternal-line relatives to take FTDNA’s Big Y test, and join the I-FGC52010 and Subclades project.