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The primary purpose of this project is to unite the descendants James DAVIS (1744-1822) and the descendants of Thomas THOMPSON (1797-1872) and to fully identify their parents, who have long remained very stubborn "brick walls" for family researchers.

Please do not ask to join the project unless you have either a known paper connections to these families or you have turned up a genetic match with them, either via Y-DNA (see DNA Results tab) or have a FamilyFinder match with a descendant.  All members of this project are sharing their results outside the project, so you do not need to be a member of this project to find out if you're a match.  Provided you are sharing your results outside your group, you will already know whether or not you're a match.  If you are a match, you will be most welcome to join.  Once you have proven a genetic connection, I keep a privatized table of FamilyFinder relationships for matchees on my personal web site, which you will then be allowed to access.

James DAVIS (1744-1822) & Hannah RAMSEY (1751-1830) of Augusta [now Wythe] Co., VA, then Christian Co., KY [now Montgomery Co., TN], then Chariton [now Randolph] Co., MO, had at least ten children, at least three of whom were sons:
  • Isaac DAVIS (c1765-1834) — wife:  Sarah "Sally" CLARK, d/o Col. Henry CLARK & Sarah "Sally" JONES
  • Edward DAVIS (1773-1844) — wife:  Mary "Polly" ADAMS
  • Joseph DAVIS (1804-1871) — wife-1:  Mary "Polly" WILLIAMS and wife-2: Permelia KIRKPATRICK
  • an alleged James DAVIS (b. ca. 1765-72) 
  • possibly others

Rev. Thomas THOMPSON (1797-1872) & Delilah DAVIS (c1800-c1844), daughter of the above Isaac DAVIS, of Christian Co., KY, then Missouri and, lastly, Santa Clara, CA, had some 10-12 children, at least six of whom were sons:
Thomas THOMPSON was a well known preacher and founder of the Disciples of Christ in northern California.  He, his wives, and most of his children are well known, but the full identity of his parents has eluded family researchers for over a century.  His father, Peter THOMPSON (c1760s-1839/40) — said to be a Dane — appears for the first time on the tax rolls of Christian County in 1799.  Peter was not there in 1797 or 1798, so while Thomas was born in KY, he was not born in Christian County.

This project focuses on Y-DNA testing of patrilineal descendants of the above James and Thomas, plus FamilyFinder testing of any of their descendants, plus FamilyFinder or mtDNA testing of matrilineal line descendants of any of the wives or their earliest matrilineal line ancestor.  We have numerous FF connections, so far, includind one with a descendant of Sarah (JONES) CLARK's daughter,
Susannah "Susan" (CLARK) WHEELER, wife of Capt. John WHEELER; Ann (CLARK) WHITESIDE, wife of Francis WHITESIDE; and Mary (CLARK) FRENCH, wife of Simon H. FRENCH.  [Col. Henry CLARK, Capt. John WHEELER, James DAVIS, and Simon H. FRENCH all fought in the Revolutionary War.]

If you are such a descendant of any of the above, please consider joining the project and being tested.

Note:  For my family's convenience, our BROWN cousins are included on the Y-DNA Results page.

Please Also Note:  If you are making a donation to the General Fund, the official name of the project is "FF_IDavis-TThompson"; so you will find it listed under "F," not "I."