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I1d ( L22 / S142)

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Genetic Genealogy

This science is very exciting for those who want to have the answers to questions we had no way of knowing of. This is very interesting for those who want to know who their ancestors are! Through DNA testing we could know beyond a doubt that all men of the earth come from Africa. Here's how we got to know.

It was found that all the men outside Africa carries the M168 mutation, while in Africa there are groups (very majority) who have this mutation M168 and other groups who have not. The interpretation is that the output of Africa was made from the group of men carrying the M168 mutation. Mutation that had emerged in Africa. This output in Africa has led to different branches where other mutations can reconstruct the genetic relationships between different groups. Those who are members of this website are all carrying the haplogroup "I1d. This means they have a common ancestor until fairly close.

Know your haplogroup is therefore about his "tribute". The members of this "tribute" cover all the L22 mutation.