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The worldwide Hudson, Hutson etc DNA Project was launched in 2003 and currently has over 500 participants. The project is primarily for male Y-DNA testing for the Hudson surname and its many variants, including the presumed original spelling of Hudd/Hudde.  To join this project, your "proved" Hudson lineage in required.  Accurate data is crucial when paired with one's DNA results. 

The three primary tests for genealogy are  Y-DNA for your  paternal surname ancestry; mtDNA for your  female maternal ancestry and, Family Finder autosomal test that can provide distant relationships to 4-6 generations.   Autosomal testing is especially beneficial when coupled with Y-DNA and/or mtDNA testing.   All three tests benefit your research including for adoptees and those persons with a Non-parenting event (NPE) .

DNA Uploads to FTDNA

If you submitted your DNA to the Genographic Project (excluding the new Helix platform) and/or tested autosomal DNA at, 23&Me &/or MyHeritage  PLEASE remember to upload your results to and join the appropriate project(s) offered at FTDNA. Y-DNA results processed by Sorenson Laboratory can also be uploaded to FTDNA.  These uploades will afford new genetic matches from the large independent FTDNA database, among other benefits.  Note: The National Geographic's Genographic Project has ceased DNA testing; their DNA results are available until 2020.  For details visit their web site.  MyHeritage guidance states autosomal DNA results of its testers can be downloaded for up to six months from testing.

The Hudson surname is English patronymic from the medieval personal name Hudde (see also Hutt). It is particularly common in Yorkshire and is also well established in Ireland. 

According to one internet posting, a 1944 survey revealed Hudson or its variants was the 130th most common name in England and Wales, with a relative frequency of 0.09%.

According to Clan Donald, approximately 7% of all Hudsons are of Scots ancestry. Those from the Island of Skye would have originally been a MacHudson or MacUisdean. The Scot Hudsons are of Clan Donald (MacDonald). In addition, the Scottish surnames have remained intact since the 1400s when the first Scots began to settle Shetland.

In the 1920 United States census 17,242 Hudson families were counted in the United States

In the 1990 US census the very popular Hudson surname ranked 162nd out of 88799 for people of all ages.

In the same census Hutson ranked 2,302; Hodgson ranked 3,753; Hodson ranked 5,160; Hudde ranked 18,650; and, Huddy ranked 83,571. 


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