R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA Project

(aka ht35 Project)
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R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA Project Phylogenetic Treehttps://farm9.staticflickr.com/8600/16480534637_668de8c8d6_s.jpg

R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA Project (aka ht35 Project) Descendancy Cladogram

Members of this project are encouraged to find their proper place on the phylogenetic tree by SNP testing.  This descendancy cladogram is a simple overview of the project branches.  It can be used as a guide to the SNPs that are phylogenetically suitable for individual testing by Sanger sequencing and to the subgroups of the project.  See the R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA Project Phylogenetic Tree for a more detailed look at the branches of this project.  


Our goal is to investigate the relationship between haplogroup R1b1b2 and TaqI 49a,f haplotype 35 (aka ht35).

Our present focus is on accumulating extended Y-SNP and Y-STR testing on any R1b1a2 haplotypes exhibiting a profile mathcing our target STRS (DYS393=12, DYS461=11 and/or DYF385=10,10) or SNPs (M269+ U106- rs34276300-) with the hope of increasing our understanding of the distribution of ht35 haplotypes.