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Y-DNA analysis has helped many donors sort out their early Howell origins. In a small geographic area with several settlers bearing the same surname, lines can become entangled through faulty records and oral traditions. These errors may then be handed down through generations. More than one writer of Howell histories has written to express satisfaction that through the Howell Y-study truth has been shed on some questionable ties. We look forward through Y-analysis to helping more Howells find the right direction in their research and to link up with new genealogical cousins.

NOTICE: This is a YDNA Surname Project, our project is open to any FTDNA member as it does not require approval to join.  As a result of this openness we are seeing a lot of testers who join but do not allow their results to be shared with either the project admin or other project members.  Some who join may not be aware that project and admin permissions must be set to limited or advanced to be included in project research.  All minimum settings will be removed as they do not benefit any project research goals.  Once the settings are corrected to limited or advanced, members can join again.