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About us

The objective of this group is to trace and find the connections between as many of the Hotchkiss lines as possible. For those lines which have not yet been linked, we would like to be able to determine, whether they are linked, and how much farther back we are likely to need to go to find the connection. We also believe this name to be of Norman origin. We are hoping to somehow find a way to trace this Norman origin. One such ancient Norman name which may be related is 'Hrod'. We are particularly interested in proving the relationship between several of the lines we have already traced, but not yet linked. These include lines currently found in England, Scotland, Wales, the United States and most other English speaking countries. Note: Any (non-required) contributions to the project general fund will be used only for ordering additional tests and analysis relative to this project. This may include ordering tests for potential members who would otherwise not be able to take the tests.