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About us

Our goal is to determine the origins of our family.

Our family may be of place name origin. That is, people with the our surname came from the Hobkirk(formerly Hopekirk and originally Hoppchirk)region of the Scottish borders. (See http://www.hopkirk.org/hopkirk/Page07.html for more information)

The other possibility is the family is of German origin, as stated on the ancient family "Coat of Arms" belonging to the Dalkeith/Glasgow branch of the family. (See http://www.hopkirk.org/hopkirk/Page51.html for information about the Coat of Arms and the "German Connection")

It is also possible that our family originates from some combination of the above two possibilities.

If we eventually find some people from Germany with similar DNA, that will help strengthen the "German connection" theory.