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About us

The Hoover Family Project welcomes all Hoover and Huber descendents who are interested in working together to discover their heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. There are many different Hoover lineages, and through the Y-DNA test you can learn which other Hoover families you're related to through a common paternal ancestor. All variant spellings are welcome. If your surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it. If you'd like to participate, please get in touch to add your ancestors to our list of Hoover family founders. We now have six distinct lines of Hoovers and/or Hubers represented in the project by more than one project member. 19 participants are members of these six lineages. It will be very interesting to see what they will be able to discover about their common ancestry. All of those labeled as matches are clear-cut and show that these participants share definite common ancestry with their matches within recent times. In one case, the relationship between the two lines had been found through traditional genealogical research, for which this provided a most welcome confirmation; in the other cases, the cousins have learned of one another's existence and are excited to have new clues to extend their genealogical knowledge. There are some project participants who have somewhat similar haplotypes to other members, belonging to the same haplogroup, but may find themselves shown as non-matching, for example in the case of I2b1. Based on the number of differences between their haplotypes, the members who are "non-matching" would probably not have a common ancestor with those in either of the matching clusters anytime within the last thousand years. Before that, it's quite possible that they do, but for genealogical purposes most people are not able to find a paper trail that goes back more than a thousand years! I strongly encourage all project members who have not yet found a match to work hard to recruit distant cousins, or prospective cousins, to join the project and share genealogy information. New members may provide the next match and the new evidence to solve our family mysteries. Project members who belong to the R1b haplogroup should remember that this haplogroup tends to be a difficult one in which to distinguish lineages clearly, and recognize true matches. We urge all R1b participants who have not yet tested at least 37 markers, to upgrade their tests if at all possible. Their cost for the upgrade from 12 to 37 would be only $99. For 67 markers, the upgrade from 12 markers is $189. In the last couple of years there have been tremendous discoveries about the branches within R1b1b2. If members of the Hoover project would order the Deep Clade tests for their haplogroup, it would allow some hypotheses to be formed regarding the "deep ancestry" of their lineage and the possible origins of the family within Europe. To order these tests, go to your Haplotree page or your Order Tests and Upgrades page. All this is equally true of the other haplogroups, who are likewise encouraged to test 37 markers and order the Deep Clade tests.