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About us

The advent of inexpensive DNA testing has provided a valuable new tool for genealogical research.  It cannot and does not replace traditional research into family records, but can bring together researchers from the same lineage, point them in the right direction, and highlight possible erroneous conclusions.

The Hodges-Hodge DNA Project welcomes participants with ancestral surnames of Hodge, Hodges, Hoge and variations.   Y-DNA participants are asked to provide a paternal line to post on the project's Patriarch page at  Associating previously unconnected family trees by DNA is the focus of the project. 

A good beginning test for males with a Hodge(s) surname is the 37 marker Y-DNA test.  Participants can upgrade to more markers later, if this would be useful.  Females can ask a brother, father, or male cousin with the Hodge(s) surname to take the Y-DNA test.  Males or females with a Hodge(s) ancestor in their maternal line (mother -> grandmother -> greatgrandmother -> etc.) can take an mtDNA test.  The FamilyFinder test is less definitive, but can suggest connections between individuals who are fairly closely related.