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About us

This Hendrix/Hendrick/Hendricks/Hendrickson DNA Project seeks to answer unresolved questions that have existed for years in the various family lineages. Participant Y-DNA results will be posted at FTDNA web site at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/hendricks/. The entire known lineage from beginning to the great grandfather will be available from HendricksDNA@charter.net upon request for many DNA participant. Y-DNA results have confirmed family groups for the Frontier Hendricks, Pamunkey Hendrick, Albemarle Hendricks, Daniel Hendrick of Haverhill, MA, and Henry Hendricks 1720 of NJ. Visit the web site and give us your comments. For other comments and information e-mail HendricksDNA@charter.net. The Hendricks Family Association will make available to those who are not a DNA participant or a person who assisted in developing research data, a copy of the 3 DNA Project CDs for a reasonable donation to the DNA Project general fund. These monies are used for the purpose of sponsoring DNA participants who either cannot afford the DNA test or are not into Hendrix-Hendrick-Hendricks Family History who are needed to fill out and prove a Family lineage. Thank you for your interest in participating in the Hendricks DNA Project.