One of the World's Rarest and Oldest Dynastic Bloodlines!
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Helon FamilyTree DNA Project

One of the World's Rarest and Oldest Dynastic Bloodlines!

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HELON is one of the World's rarest and oldest Dynastic Bloodlines which is of ancient and biblical origin; the progenitor of the line being HELON, the second son of ZEBULON ben JACOB.

Results of current DNA studies prove irrefutably Ashkenazi, Hebrew, Greek and Scythian descent.

In the Greek and Ukrainian languages, the surname HELON is often rendered as GELON or GELEN and in the Mongolian language as HOELUN/HULUN.

Before their dispersal throughout Australia, Europe, Great Britain, and the United States, the HELONs frequented South-East Poland; prior they were domiciled in Slovakia, Hungary, China, Mongolia, the Ukraine [where today is being rebuilt the ancient Wooden City of HELON (GELON) - as written about by Herodotus - at Bil'sk, in the the Poltava Oblast north of the Black Sea where the HELONIANS once roamed with their brother SCYTHIANS - the BUDINI], and Palestine.

This Project is open to ALL those persons throughout the World of known Ashkenazi, Hebrew, Greek, or other descent whose father's, father's, father's Y-DNA, or mother's, mother's, mother's mtDNA lineages extend to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, Palestine, China, Mongolia, and those geographical areas North of the Black Sea in the Ukraine that were once designated as SCYTHIA.

The Goals of the HELON Surname Project are to: look for, and identify any patterns or similarities between Haplogroups and sub-Clades in an endeavour to find and confirm any distant relatedness between Participants; to verify the relatedness and migratory paths of families; where possible to confirm the identity of the HELON Patriarch/Matriarch (Common - or Alpha - Male/Female) from whom all Participants herald from, and to encourage others to actively share that information and documents that they may have on their famiies HELON with the aim of building an archive of substantiated proofs.

As there are so few HELON families scattered throughout the World [albeit with some small concentrations], Participants are encouraged to have undertaken more detailed Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, Y-HAPLOGROUP, Deep Clade, Low-Resolution HVR1, High Resolution HVR2 and mtDNA Full Sequence Tests.

ETHNIC ORIGIN: (Semitic) Ashkenazi Jewish/Greek/Scythian.

Y-HAPLOGROUP RESULTS (last being the most current):

>> Family Tree DNA = E3b ---> E1b1b ---> E1b1b1a ---> E1b1b1a2 (E-V13) ---> E1b1b1a1b (E-V36) ----> E-FGC11451 ---> E-BY4825 (Ashkenazai). N.B. 'Null' ('0') Allele Value for DYS #425; Locus 48.

>> National Geographic Genographic Project = E-V13 ----> E-PF2217 (Anatolia and West Asia).

>> 23 and Me = E1b1b1a ----> E1b1b1a2.

>> Y-Full = E-V13 ----> E-Z5018 ----> E-S2979 ----> E-FGC11457.

HELON (R) is a Registered and Protected Trademark and the Intellectual Property (IP) of George Wieslaw Helon: Australia.