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About us

The goal of the Hecks DNA project is to explore and document Hecks diversity through DNA testing and sharing of results. The project originally grew out of family interest in developing a full Hecks family tree. The Hecks surname occurs predominantly (18th century) in southwest England, often spelt phonetically as Hex. Oral tradition is divided between an Anglo-Saxon origin, and a possible emigration from bordering areas of France, Belgium or Germany. Because of the rarity of the surname and the likelihood of variant spellings, the project seeks to establish possible connections between individuals in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America. The project deals specifically with male-line (Y-DNA) lineages. Members with maternal-line (mtDNA) test results should also consider joining the relevant mtDNA haplogroup project. 

The General Fund is an FTDNA feature that allows individuals to donate money for testing by other current or potential project members. Donations can be anonymous if desired.