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Kanaka - First Nation

Hawaiian and First Nations families from Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest
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About us

This project has been an offshoot of the genealogical work of hundreds of descendants of the Hawaiians who migrated to the Pacific Northwest as engages of the Hudson Bay Company, the fur traders, whaling ships and others who found their way to the Pacific Northwest starting about 1811.
The family genealogists were unable to find sufficient documentation due to misinterpretation of Hawaiian names, and a variety of surname issues and the polygamist relationships of Hawaiians and The Coast Salish People.
The administrator for this group discovered that even without a correct spelling of the names of the ancestors, that we could link our charts back to the earliest known ancestors, then with unique DNA of the Coast Salish and the Polynesians paired with the records of the Hudson Bay Company that the original ancestors place of origination could in fact be discovered.
Several of the family genealogists worked diligently to consolidate the family trees onto one database of about 7,000 key individuals. A large gathering was held in July 2008 to bring the families together for healing and to share genealogical information as well as information about the DNA project and to identify prime individuals for testing.
Because this is such a diverse lot, the DNA is rapidly disappearing as the population mixes more freely.