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About us

Our project goals can be broadly stated to :

(1)determine the genetic relatedness or non-relatedness of the several Harvey branches living in North America in early colonial times;

(2)identify those Harvey branches who appeared on the scene in later years and, secondarily, to determine any genetic relationship with the first group.

(3)attempt to tie our immigrant ancestors back to the country of origin using unique Y-DNA chromosome markers to determine or confirm suspected relatedness.

Comparison of Y-DNA test results could be of immense help in making the jump from North America back to the country of origin - and both sides of the Atlantic could gain immensely without doing a great amount of difficult research overseas. Having said that, we will all agree that verification of identified relationship still needs to be done. It is surely easier to do so when there is a firm beginning point to start from.

These goals are purposely very broad in scope and will undoubtedly take a long time to be attained. Those lines with more thorough/accurate paper research backgrounds will hopefully flesh out rapidly but their value to the many 'orphan' lines should be substantial for a long time to come.