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Joe Wilson Joe Wilson has a question!
February 12 @ 10:58am
Has anyone from the Warren G. Harding ever tested ? From my line there are several family stories. Not only in my particular one but cousins I have found through DNA matches.Would appreciate any input Thank you.
Dustin Fish
February 23 @ 3:42pm
My grandpa always said they family story was that we are sixth cousins to Warren G. Harding. I don't know how he got this number as there are not documents suggesting this in my family. It has just been a family story. I did find I am related to the Hardins through Elijah Nelson. They lived in the 1840s to 1870s in Chariton, Linn, and Macon Counties in Missouri. I found a William Powell Hardin that might have been Elijah Nelson's father-in-law but other than that I have not found a connection to Warren G. Harding.
Joe Wilson
February 25 @ 7:33pm
Thanks for the reply. I have looked at the reports and can find no relation to ours. Maryland, Virginia, Ohio. Kentucky. Theys how New York and Pennsylvania.
Kenneth Harding
March 2 @ 9:39pm
Warren G. Harding should be in the "R1B Haplogroup I" group. He is descended from Edward Thomas Harding, born 1513 in England.
Ryan Springer Ryan Springer
January 12, 2017 @ 10:21pm
Descendant of Mark Hardin born 1681on my mom's side
Ryan Springer
June 24, 2017 @ 1:57pm
Ah didn't know there was debate over Nancy. I know I am decadence from the Holtzclaw family. The Germanna Foundation seems to list John Henry Holtzclaw wife as Nancy Hardin daughter of mark Hardin as fact, but now it seems could be an error in my tree and I might not be connected. As far as mark Hardins wife's ancestry I have only heard the speculation of the Hogue connection, but at this point I tend to dismiss it.
A Hardin
July 22, 2017 @ 8:00pm
Ryan, have you done a FamilyFinder test? Since your kinship with Mark Hardin isn't strictly matrilineal nor patrilineal, I believe you will need that test to begin confirming a connection using DNA. Have you done one already?
Ryan Springer
July 23, 2017 @ 9:22am
Yes I have took the autosomal test here as well as 23andme and ancestry. He is my 8th great grandfather though so it would be unlikely to confirm with accuracy at that distance
Alfred Johnson
January 26 @ 11:19pm
Ryan are you related to Gerald springer? he show a match to me through my mothers family line.
Alfred Johnson Alfred Johnson
January 11 @ 1:17am
Well, Hello to all of my new found family . I see that I do have many matches here in this group, however No one has reached out to me as of yet, not to sure about trying to open up to anyone in group yet, can't paper any thing in, however blood doesn't lie, lol. then back in them days this was not something people did. but, I am open to any of my bloodline reaching out to me. ( alfredleejohnson@hotmail.com ) maybe we can tie some of these lose ends together. now I can hope to tie my mothers family together. please reach out to me family. Happy New Year to us all.
Robert Landis
January 25 @ 11:10pm
That’s the way it’s been for me as well. I just wanted information as to how my fathers y dna is placed into the catagory family finder or maternal side that way they might explain how they determined this since my father is adopted. My current closest autosomal matches are Hanson line on my heritage and they match really high. Like half siblings. I had them transferred to gedmatch and dna search angels looked over my matches and agreed. Hanson is closest match. We have a father name but my joining this group was to rule out a name that was provided by his mother so this confuses me the placement. When I search family finder I see harden or some variation but they’re like 3 to 5 or more generations out. There is a Hanson on autosomal that match here on FTDNA as well that is 2 generations to 4 generations. His ones on my heritage are within 1 to 2 generations. Is the harden name possibly from the same line of people because my father y dna doesn’t show on Hanson project but they said his group of Hanson may not be in the testing for it. It all seriously confuses me!
Alfred Johnson Alfred Johnson
January 1 @ 12:59am
I am looking for Dolphin Hardin married to Harriet Belle NC. daugther is my grandmother Sarah E. Hadin Mitchell . my kit # 47413
Joe Wilson Joe Wilson has a question!
December 22 @ 10:25am
I believe I have found Henry Lewis Wilson's connections to the Hardings. I found an autosonal match with the Claytor Family of Bedford Co Va.Dr John Burks Harding wife Harriett Claytor son James L Harding b 1847 is Henry L Wilson. John Burks Harding son of Samuel and Susan L Bowman. Nelson Va.Samuel son of Edward Harding and Mary Partree or Peartree Burks of Amherst Va.There is a possible connection to a Groves Harding . If anyone has come across them in their research I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you for any assistance Sharon
Joe Wilson Joe Wilson has a question!
November 5 @ 10:53am
As a gift to a friend of mine I had his DNA tested. His grandfather went by the name of Henry Lewis Wilson.The first record I have been able to find of him is in Garland Ct Arkansas in 1870. it states he was born in 1847 in Va. May now be West Va. Henry married in Yell Co. and died sometime after 1920. His son told a story that his fathers real name was Harding.After taking the test there no match to Wilson but to Harding's. The test I have is out to 111 places the others have not tested beyond 67 Kit's # 308762 and 864934. The trees for these people indicate the match may be further back than they have researched. I believe Henry for some reason left his home and changed his name. I also believe he named his children after family. These names I have seen in various Harding families. Marcus or Mark, Alexander, Albert, Berk, Hattie, Bessie, Willie, Henry,Mary. I would appreciate any assistance if these names are in your families and you may be missing a Harding family member. Possible a black sheep. Henry was a wagon maker,merchant and farmer.According to newspaper accounts he had a problem with alcohol on occasion. This may have led to his leaving his family and changing his name he may have even had trouble with the law. So many different reasons I have explored along with records. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Sharon
William Hardin
November 22 @ 6:03pm
I assume that you have looked at census records for the grandfather to see if there were Hardins living nearby. There are several participants in the group that matches Joes yDNA. Look at http://www.hhhdna.com/hhh.htm on lines 176 to 180. If you click on the participants name, it will open an email to them. I am sure that they will share their research with you.
Joe Wilson
November 25 @ 6:10pm
Thank you for your response.I have contacted the Harding participants. Where my Henry Wilson would have a common ancestor they are 2 short in their research. The closest match is to Harry J Harding and his cousin has been helping me. Our relation must have stayed in Va. while the others went to Ohio in the 1700's.I have only tested with FTDNA for Y and Family Finder. Am also on GedMatch. I have now having him tested on Ancestry. Maybe a good chance as the test is so inexpensive it will have more participants.
Gordon Dwane
December 14 @ 8:13pm
There are Hardings in Massachusetts
David Mackey David Mackey
December 2 @ 8:42am
Joined this group because Have 24 Y-12 Matches with 0 GD to men with spellings of Hardin, Harden, Harding. Great grandfather is Hardin Edward Mackey of IN and Hardin's father was John Mackey of KY. It was passed down that Mackey was not the spelling of the original surname. BigY match is with a Stewart. Have no Mackey spellings at any level of testing for matches. Tested Y-111, BigY, FF. Have no matches with Y-111 level, Y-67 have match with Bragg at 4 GD and Smith 7 GD, Y-37 match with Dove 2 GD and Bragg at 3 GD, Toplis 4 GD. I was wondering if any of the Hardin's have matches with any of these other surnames of any spellings.
Olen Goocher Olen Goocher
November 9, 2017 @ 7:22am
Jake Montano Jake Montano
October 11, 2016 @ 2:27pm
My brothers YDNA is a match for Charles Hardin, from what I can figure out. Kit# 530411. Would love to talk to anyone matching that DNA.
Carl Harden
June 15, 2017 @ 11:56am
Thanks for posting - I am working to learn which brother we are descended - so hopefully I can try to bump up the DNA to rule in or out Mark. :)
Ronald Hardin
June 16, 2017 @ 3:23pm
Jake, welcome to the project. The best way to contact researchers within your family group is to go to www.hhhdna.com, then Participants by Matching DNA. You are conveniently in the first group on the list (E Haplogroup A). The list on hhhdan.com list the other participant for each test, and have an e-mail link for each (which may or may not work, depending on how old the test is -- mine is probably an out-of-date email). There are two other participants in your group, Tim Walls and Robert Gwen Hardin. Happy Hunting!
Alfred Johnson
June 20, 2017 @ 12:50am
I am almost afraid to post anything relevant to being connected to the Hardin family line after reading some of the posts. anyway my great grandmother is Sarah Hardin the daughter of Dolphin Hardin and Harriett Belle, matched through FT MTDNA and the 1870 census. my last match to my mother is a lady in Wire grass Georgia, in which I have had no reply to my sent email. any help will be greatly appreciated, thank AJ
Ronald Hardin
June 23, 2017 @ 7:54am
Jake, my apologies. The information on the hhhdna.com page *should* be the same as on this site, and certainly this site (familytreedna.com) is authoritative. I didn't mean to suggest that hhhdna.com had more/better information -- I was just more familiar with that site. The researchers associated with each test kit have their contact information (if provided) on both sites. There are some differences in data -- my "closest match" has no ancestry/lineage information entered here (FTDNA), but does have that information listed at hhhdna.com. So best to check both sites, I guess.
Jason Hardin Jason Hardin
June 19, 2017 @ 2:45pm
Benjamin Hardin (1678 - 1734, VA) m. Sarah Stanley... Those of us descended from the North Carolina "Hickory Creek" Hardins know the above names well. But--and forgive me if I step on anyone's toes here--I have never, EVER, in 22 years of Hardin family research, found a shred of unambiguous documentary evidence to connect the Hickory Creek Hardins solidly back through Joseph Hardin (1704) to Benjamin Hardin (1678). Not one single piece. Yes, we can all connect to each other through DNA. And yes, we have the English marriage documents for Benjamin and Sarah, and the American will(s) showing some overlap between Joseph's son's names and the names of the men who settled the Hickory Creek area. But that's it. Nothing that couldn't be coincidence, and ABSOLUTELY nothing that connects the American Hardins back to Benjamin 1678 in England. I would politely advise everyone in the Hickory Creek HHHDNA group to reconsider listing him as their MRCA.