R-A8039 Y-DNA Haplogroup

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R-A8039 Y-DNA Haplogroup

Haplogroup, long version; R->M173->M343->L754->L389->P297->M269->L23->L51->P310->L151->S1194->A8039

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List of some of the surnames that have tested positive for the SNP called R-A8039 or any of its sub-clades;
Artherton, Atherton, Brott, Burk, Burke, Bourke, Cannon, Carter, Conover, Crownover, Etherton, Faircloth, Fairclough, Floyd, Forney, Farney, Furney, Fahrni, Farni, Fox, Fortibus, Fort, Forz, Hallissey, Hallisey, Haynes, Hays, Hayes, Heatherington, Hetherington, James, Jarrell, Johnson, Lowe, Morin, Parker, Parks, Pillsbury, Reid, Rosenthal, Scruggs, Sloan, Sloane,Van Couwenhoven, Van Kouwenhoven, Van Weert, Weert, White, Young.

List of the SNP's that are sub-clades of the R-A8039 Haplogroup;
If you have tested positive for any of these SNP's, you should join our group!

A8039, A8040, A8041, A8043, BY11762, BY11767, BY11772, BY11777, BY11774, BY11778, BY11775, BY11763, BY11766, BY11768, BY11771, BY11773, BY11776, BY11769, BY11765, BY11764, BY11770, A8045, YP554, A8047, A8046, A8048, A8050, A8049, BY12548, BY14094, BY14091
R-A8039, R-A8040, R-A8041, R-A8043, R-BY11762, R-BY11767, R-BY11772, R-BY11777, R-BY11774, R-BY11778, R-BY11775, R-BY11763, R-BY11766, R-BY11768, R-BY11771, R-BY11773, R-BY11776, R-BY11769, R-BY11765, R-BY11764, R-BY11770, R-A8045, R-YP554, R-A8047, R-A8046, R-A8048, R-A8050, R-A8049, R-BY12548, R-BY14094, R-BY14091

Haplogroup R-A8039