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R-A8039 Y-DNA Haplogroup

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About us

R-A8039 Y-DNA Haplogroup - This project started in March 2017. As of September 2021, we have over 110 members and more than 40 of them with Big Y kits. We have over 65 people who are tested and 100% confirmed as positive for this very rare R-A8039 Haplogroup, or another downstream branch of the Y-DNA Haplotree for all of mankind. We have discovered over 34 downstream branches of R-A8039. The current estimated age of the Y-DNA Haplogroup R-A8039 is about 4500 years old, plus or minus about 250 years either side. In short, if you test positive for the Y-DNA Haplogroup R-A8039, or any downstream branch of R-A8039, it means everyone in this project is your 100% confirmed Y-DNA male bloodline cousin at some point in the last 4500 years, roughly.

Haplogroup, long version; R->M173->M343->L754->L389->P297->M269->L23->L51->P310->L151->S1194->A8039

Here is a link to the Y-DNA Haplogroup R-A8039 on the Family Tree DNA giant Haplotree for the whole of Mankind;;name=R-A8039
As of the 18th July 2021, our Y-DNA Haplogroup R-A8039 accounts for 0.032% of the whole Family Tree DNA database. The whole FTDNA database has 205805 SNP tested users. Of which our R-A8039 project accounts for 34 downstream branches of the Haplotree, with 66 users that are tested positive for R-A8039, or another downstream branch of the Haplotree.

Haplogroup R-A8039 Facebook Group;

List of some of the surnames that have tested positive for the SNP called R-A8039 or any of its sub-clades;
Adams, Allen, Artherton, Atherton, Bellware, Beslouin, Blouin, Brott, Burk, Burke, Bourke, Cannon, Caps, Capps, Carter, Conover, Crow, Crowe, Crownover, dit Laviolette, Etherton, Faircloth, Fairclough, Floyd, Forney, Farney, Furney, Fahrni, Farni, Forrester, Forester, Fox, Fortibus, Fort, Forz, Grantham, Hallissey, Hallisey, Hallissy, Hallisy, Haynes, Hays, Hayes, Heatherington, Hetherington, Henderson, James, Jarrell, Johnson, Kock, Lefebvre, Lowe, Morey, Morin, Parker, Parks, Pillsbury, Rasmussen, Reid, Rosenthal, Scruggs, Sloan, Sloane, Van Der Westhuizen, Van Der Westhuyzen, Van Couwenhoven, Van Kouwenhoven, Van Weert, Weert, White, Wulff, Young.

List of the SNP's that are sub-clades of the R-A8039 Haplogroup;
If you have tested positive for any of these SNP's, you should join our group!

A8039, A8040, A8041, A8043, BY11762, BY11767, BY11772, BY11777, BY11774, BY11778, BY11775, BY11763, BY11766, BY11768, BY11771, BY11773, BY11776, BY11769, BY11765, BY11764, BY11770, A8045, YP554, A8047, A8046, A8048, A8050, A8049, BY12548, BY14094, BY14091
R-A8039, R-A8040, R-A8041, R-A8043, R-BY11762, R-BY11767, R-BY11772, R-BY11777, R-BY11774, R-BY11778, R-BY11775, R-BY11763, R-BY11766, R-BY11768, R-BY11771, R-BY11773, R-BY11776, R-BY11769, R-BY11765, R-BY11764, R-BY11770, R-A8045, R-YP554, R-A8047, R-A8046, R-A8048, R-A8050, R-A8049, R-BY12548, R-BY14094, R-BY14091

Haplogroup R-A8039