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About us

The Y-DNA Haplogroup I Project seeks to enroll members who are interested in finding others searching for their paternal origins through the comparison of haplotypes and geographical origins.

There are several branches of Haplogroup I and there are projects at FTDNA covering all the branches. But it can be difficult to figure out which branch of Haplogroup I you belong to. This  project covers all of haplogroup I and it's a good starting point, but we recommend that you also join a more specific project. We have arranged our Y-DNA Results Classic and Colorized pages to correspond to the following projects:

People in the several I1 categories are welcome to join the large "I1 yDNA Haplogroup" project:

People in the two I2 L38 sections are welcome to join the "I2a2b-L38" project:

People in the several I2 P37+ sections should join the "I2a Y-Haplogroup" project:

People in the several I2 M223 sections are welcome to join the "I-M223 Y-Haplogroup" Project:

People placed in the I2 P215 sections are welcome to join the "I2*, New ISOGG I2b," Project:

To join one of these projects, click on the link above, and at the project's website, click Join at the upper right and follow the instructions. And to join this I-M170 project, click Join at upper right. If this doesn't work, try logging into your FTDNA account first and then visit the links above.  Or you may first login to your FTDNA personal page with your kit number and password, then click on Projects Join. Scroll down to Y-DNA Haplogroup Projects and click on the letter I to see a list. Look for the name of the project as written above (example: "I-M223 Y-Haplogroup").

When you do a 12, 25, 37, 67, or 111 marker test, Family Tree DNA will predict your Y-DNA haplogroup for no additional charge. I-M170 includes all of haplogroup I. There are three large branches of haplogroup I: I-M253 (I1), I-P37 (which the ISOGG tree calls I2a1) and I-M223 (which the ISOGG tree calls I2a2a), and if you belong to one of these branches FTDNA will usually be able to predict that you belong to to I-M253, I-P37 or I-M223. (In a few cases men in one of these three large branches will be given a more specific prediction, or a very general I-M170 prediction).

When FTDNA predicts I-M170 usually it means that you belong to a much rarer branch: I-L596 (also called I2c), I-L38 (I2a2b, formerly called I2b2) or the very rare group I-L415 (I2b). This project is especially for men with an I-M170 prediction, when you join this project we will make a more specific prediction and direct you to a more specific haplogroup project as described above.

If you have questions about what project you should join, please contact volunteer co-administrator Bernie Cullen at berniecullen@gmail.com