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E1a-(M33, M132)

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About us

E1a has been something of a stepchild compared with the two major subclades of Haplogroup E, E1b1a and E1b1b. Recently a number of us, who had been designated as E(xE1b1) [E but not E1b1], were tested by FTDNA. We were all found to be E1a(M33+ and M132+). Since very few people who have been found to be E(xE1b1) have been able to get SNP testing to establish their specific subclade, we are also offering membership to anyone who has tested positive for E(M96+), but has not tested positive for any subclade of E, except of course E1a. This project is not intended for men who are in E1b or E2.

This project has a Google group to facilitate exchange of information and discussion: