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About us

The HAM DNA Project is a new tool for use in our search for our HAM immigrants. We will be connecting current HAM participants by grouping DNA markers. This tool is being used by researchers to help them focus on immigrant lines that have survived.

FTDNA HAM DNA Project web page: https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/ham-dna-project/dna-results

The results will be analyzed on the HAM Country web site at:

HAM Country:


The HAM DNA Project is looking for samples to each of the major HAM lines.

The HAM DNA PROJECT recommends that you begin with the Y-DNA37 test. With 37 markers tested, you will be more able to fully compare your data with most of our other participants.

As a member of the project, you will receive the Family Tree DNA group discount. Make sure to click on the *Join this Group* button when you submit your order to get the discount.

CONCEPT: The idea is to sort the numbers into groups, by matching numbers. A link to each group will display the oldest known ancestor. With enough samples and combined research, we should be able to determine origins of each group.

The General Fund is set up for the HAM DNA Project itself.

NOTE: I receive no monies for administering this project. The prices here goes to the genetics processing from FTDNA. I later analyze the information the Family Tree DNA folks provide.

HAM DNA Project Privacy Statement is given on the Code of Conduct page:


- Dave Hamm