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About us

Since its initiation in 2003, the goal of the Hadley Y-DNA project has been to identify the various Hadley ancestral lineages and establish whether or not they descend from a common immigrant ancestor to the United States or separate origins in another country. DNA testing has revealed that there are several distinct Hadley ancestral lines that immigrated to the United States during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. 

With the advent of expanded STR, deeper subclade, and Big Y testing, we now have the ability to assign specific DNA markers to specific lines of descent from common ancestors. Our current efforts are focused on identifying the generations at which specific mutations seen in STR results and SNP testing might have occurred so that we can identify where individual members' ancestral line connect to the Hadley subgroup ancestral line. 

We have the following goals for 2022:

1. Identify the YDNA SNP marker(s) representing the George Hadley of Ipswich, Massachusetts lineage: To do this, our project members from this lineage need to develop a testing strategy aimed at finding the project member most distantly related to the current Big Y tester and having this member upgrade to the Big Y 700 as well. 

2. Continue to identify Hadley lineages connected to the Hadleys of the West Midlands (YDNA marker R1b-CTS3552): The Project admin and interested researchers continue to reach out to Hadleys on Facebook and other social media sites based in the West Midlands. We continue to reach out to Hadleys posting trees on Ancestry to see if they connect to this family and whether they are willing to join the project and do some entry level Y-DNA testing. We also use a single marker DNA screening test at www.yseq.net to find potential Hadley matches to this lineage.

3.  So far, we seem to have identified separate Hadley lineages originating in (1) Cradley, Herefordshire; (2) North Nibley, Gloucestershire (and possibly Cam, Gloucestershire); and (3) Salwarpe/Droitwich, Worcestershire. We continue looking for Hadleys representing lineages in Shropshire and Birmingham to join the project.

4. Identify and add new project members from Hadleys tracing their lineages back to Eastern Shore, Maryland: This family very likely connects to John Hadley of 1668 Talbot County, MD, but we have not yet found a representative of this lineage willing to test to verify the connection. 

5. Identify the potential family origins of project members of other Hadley lineages (Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Rhode Island, etc): Many of these lineages are only represented by single testers and require recruiting efforts and additional testing to determine this specific DNA signatures. The project admins welcome all assistance from members related to these groups.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to correspond with any Hadleys around the world that come across this project page or our Hadley Society 3.0 group page on Facebook. You may also find additional information at www.hadleysociety.com.