The Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroup H & HV Project

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About us

mtDNA Haplogroups H and HV are Eurasian Haplogroups. They likely arose in Southwestern or Central Asia. Branches of H and HV migrated into Europe. There H became the dominant maternal lineage while HV is a much smaller population. H is believed to make up 40-50% of the mtDNA lineages in Western Europe.

The primary goal of this project is to explore the individual identity of each subclade. We are working to:
  • Educate members of this highly successful mtDNA Clade about their shared heritage.
  • Build a sense of community.
  • Recognize population clusters in the Clade and Subclades.
Altogether, the project has more than 11,000 participants, making it the largest public mtDNA Haplogroup project. We are working together to understand the dynamics of a lineage that has its oldest branches in Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and across Northern Africa yet has a large population from the Iberian peninsula up to Scandinavia.

Administrators and Co-administrators

The following people are part of the project administrator team.

Rebekah A. Canada - Ms. Canada is the founder of this and several other DNA projects. A life long genealogist, she loves to share her knowledge of genetic testing and its limits.

Charmaine Riley Holley - Ms. Holley is an American genealogist with Scottish roots. She divides her time between family history research, her children and grandchildren, and her dogs.

Marja Pirttivaara (On Vacation) - Dr. Pirttivaara is a Finnish genealogist. She is the author of a Finnish language guide to genetic genealogy.

Nelly S Hymen (Retired) - Ms. Hymen is a passionate genealogist. Her primary interest is mtDNA haplogroup H3.