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The Gunn surname is known to be associated with Western European, Scandinavian, and Asian ancestries as defined by haplogroups. Many family surnames can be atrributed to multiple Scottish clans or their septs, so therefore can not be attributed to a single clan surname. There was a time when using surnames wasn't a standard practice. Many surnames were based on parental affiliation, occupation, personal appearance, or regional location. Some people with surnames in the Gunn Sept list may have a connection to Scottish ancestors. Others may not.

Indeed many clansmen do not bear the same surname. Surnames were not commonly used until comparatively recent times. A man was therefore known as John mac Sheumais or mac Dhaidh, son of James or David, of a particular Clan, and when a surname came to be used, many adopted their father's name and hence John or Robson, Georgeson, Williamson etc.

It is with this multiple surname relationship in mind that the Gunn Sept List DNA project was created.