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So far we have Twelve different Y-DNA Grubb/Grubbs clans:

A) The Barnwell, South Carolina Grubbs: Haplogroup R1b, confirmed by SNP test. Three members. Kits are:
17912) descendant of Rayford Grubbs b 1819 SC
18226) descendant of Bartholomew Grubbs b 1802 SC
17901) descendant of Henry H. Grubbs b 1815 SC
(24/25 match 17901 & 17912)
(23/25 match 17912 & 18226)
The South Carolina Grubbs are a 9/9 match with a haplotype from Munich, Germany on Also several 8/9 near matches in central Europe

B)The Brandywine, Delaware/ New Castle, Pennsylvania Grubb family: Haplogroup R1b3 confirmed by SNP test. Descended from immigrant John Grubb born 1652 in Cornwall. Six members. FTDNA Kits are:33984, 34049, 35332, 22146, 44522, and 42849

C)Virginia branch of Brandywine Grubb family by family history. Related to this Grubb family on maternal side and descent from an adopted Grubb man, not Y-DNA related. Haplogroup R1b. FTDNA kit numbers 13657 and 34066

D)The Allegheny Grubbs, Five members: Haplogroup I. FTDNA Kits are: 17868, 26657, 24929, 39071, and 45936 all descendants of German immigrant Jacob Grub

E)The England to Virginia & Abbeville, South Carolina Grubbs, Five likely members, Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype (Haplogroup R1b) The three US members are found in FTDNA Kits: 21732, 25012, and 25038, descendants of William Grubbs born about 1734 in Prince William Co., VA

Fourth member, a Grubb man from the UK, FTDNA kit 26557 is a 12/12 match and a 19/25 match to the US men indicating a 50/50 probability of common ancestry since 1400 AD.

Fifth member in US 47887 is 19/25 with both UK and US, likely a distant cousin also.

F) Reported Irish ancestry, Haplogroup I, tested at Oxford Ancestors. This man is a 6/7 match with a man from Rostock, Germany on and has a sequence consistent with Anglo-Saxon/Danish Viking. Of note, this man only has a genetic distance of 4 mutations from D, a known German man.

G) The Virginia Norsemen, possible Irish ancestry, Six members, all in USA, FTDNA Kits: 24005, 46569, N43034, 83934, 96003, and 99024. Haplogroup I. Sequence is consistent with Norwegian ancestry, so Norse Viking or Norman conqueror. Not at all related to F, genetic distance is 8 mutations.

H) The Scots Ancestry Grubbs: Celtic or Anglo-Saxon - Haplogroup R1b. Two members. One man now resident in Quebec, FTDNA kit 27605. The second man is now in Australia FTDNA kit 27678. They match 11/12 and 22/25

I) Proven Tipperary Grubbs, perfect match with a known Tipperary Grubb tested at Oxford: FTDNA kit 57617 from New Zealand also has a clear genealogical connection to a man named in the Grubbs of Tipperary book. Kit 29637 from Australia is a genetic match. Haplogroup I with Viking ancestry.

J) An aboriginal Briton? FTDNA Kit 34414, Haplogroup R1b, closest matches to Wales, Shetland, Scotland, and Ireland suggest deep roots in the Isles, but not related to any other Grubb

K) The Ozarks family, Missouri/Arkansas region of USA. Haplogroup R1b, Anglo-Saxon. Three members, FTDNA Kits 42789, 63982, and 42666. Of note two are named Grubb, the other is named Grubbs.

J) A Canadian Grubb has an unusual R1b sequence, could be Anglo Saxon or old British, kit 45950