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About us

Thank you for your interest in the Green Y-DNA study project.  This is a Y-DNA surname study project for male Green/Greene. We recently had our project rules verified with FTDNA and we updated them here. Anyone who meets our projects rule requirements may join.  Please see our rules to find out if you qualify to join us.

Who Can Join?
1.  Male Green(e)s from anywhere can join.
2.  A Y-DNA test is needed to join our study.
3. Females with the birth name of Green(e) can join. NOTE:  Females need a Y-DNA test from a male Green relative. 
4.  Adopted males whos known birth parents are Green/Greene can join.  NOTE:  This includes males whos father or fathers father, etc, changed their name and have proof they are Green(e)s. 
5.  Members from other surname study projects can join.  NOTE:  Your Y-DNA tests must be an exact match with other Greens in our study at ydna37 markers and above. Members must have purchased their Y-DNA test and have their results back before they join.

NOTE:  We will contact non-Green(e)s who join this study project.  Family Finder test (autosomal) and MTDNA test (mitochondrial DNA) are not supported here and we do not use these tests in our study.  

NOTE: Member kits may and can be removed from our study if they don't meet the above study requirements.  Please contact us if you are upgrading your tests to a Y-DNA test.

After you meet our requirements to join, from then on, participating in our project is easy. First, you take a simple, painless cheek-rubbing sample from inside your mouth and put your sample in the two tubes supplied in your test kit. Second, place your tubes in the plastic bags and then sign your release form. Third, place both items in the self-addressed envelope provided, and mail it back to Family Tree DNA. From the time you return the two specimens to FTDNA, it takes about seven weeks for them to test and analyze your DNA sample, and compare the results to data in their existing genetic library. Sometimes tests have to be repeated in order to obtain good results. Each time FTDNA repeats a DNA test, they add an additional 2 weeks to your 7 week waiting period. Here's what the test kit looks like:

The Green and Greene Surname: Recorded in the spellings of Green and Greene, this is one of the most widespread of English, and sometimes Irish, surnames. It is usually of pre 7th century origins, and derives from the word "grene" meaning green. As such it may be topographical for a person resident by a village green or even a place called Green, or as a status name for a young man who played the part of the mystic and fertile "Green Man" sometimes known as "Jack in the Green", in the May Day fertility celebrations.

In this context "green" was symbolic of youthful ardour, spring, and the re-growth of nature. Sometimes the surname can be of Irish origins, and a translation of the ancient Gaelic given name "Uaithne". As this also means "green," it probably has the same basic meaning and origin as the English form. Examples of the early recordings taken from authentic rolls, registers and charters of the Middle Ages, include Richard de la Grene of the county of Norfolk in the year 1200; William Grene in the Hundred Rolls of Yorkshire in 1230; Robert Othegreen, and Henry on the Green, both of Worcestershire, in 1274. Among the many distinguished name bearers listed in the "Dictionary of National Biography" are Charles Green (1785 - 1870), an early aeronaut, who made the first ascent with a hydrogen gas balloon in 1821. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey de Grene. This was dated 1188, in the "Pipe Rolls" of the county of Kent", during the reign of King Henry II of England. He was known as "The Builder of Churches". 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling Read more: For more information on the origins of the Green(e) Family please visit the below home page.

Note: If you have a web site promoting the Green family history, please drop an e-mail to Bob Green and request to have your web page listed here.