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About us

Welcome to the GRAY/GREY Surname DNA Project. We are seeking GRAYs from anywhere in the world to join our project which will determine GRAY family groupings through Y-DNA analysis to complement our conventional genealogical research. To participate all you need is a living male GRAY relative willing to provide a simple, painless cheek-rubbing sample. Your cost for the test will be US $99 plus shipping if you decide on the basic 12 marker test. I recommend starting with the 37 marker test which costs $169 plus shipping. It's especially important to start now if you have an elderly GRAY relative whose DNA might be lost.

Learning About Ancestry & DNA Testing

After following the DNA Family Tree subject on a few mailing lists and forums, we have decided it is time to become a part of this new and exciting method of research.

To sum it all up and make it easily understandable for those of us who don't hold a medical degree or Ph.D. in some science or other;

This test is used SPECIFICALLY for ancestry/genealogical research. The test we are using is the "Y" chromosome test. Only the males of the lines can be tested.

The "Y" chromosome is passed down from generation to generation, throughout the lines of descent through the males, virtually unaltered. Although we'd love to be able to include females in this project, females have "X" chromosomes. For those females interested, they will need to ask a male relative of their GRAY line to be the donor. One day in the future, we hope to include a mtDNA project.

Since the DNA is more or less (simplified) like the rungs of a ladder, when there are common ancestors, this test will show not only the common markers, but will also provide information on how many generations back 2 individuals share a common ancestor.

Should I order the 12 or 25 or 37 or the 67 marker test?

Most DNA surname projects are now recommending, and most DNA researchers agree, that the tester should go straight to the 25 marker test. The 25 marker test is more definitive. The 12 marker test is best at ruling out relatedness with another participant. The 37 marker test is more refined. Probably the 25 marker test will be phased out and the 37 marker will be most often chosen. Whichever you choose now can always be upgraded later. So if cost is an issue start with the 12 marker test and upgrade as you afford to. The lab keeps your sample so you don't need to submit another sample when you upgrade.