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About us

The Grannum DNA Project welcomes all participants. Join today.

This is a new project and we are excited about the opportunity to use DNA analysis to complement documentary and archival research to the better understand the origins and history of the name and to bring families and relatives together.

Grannum is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. The administrator has been researching the name for over 20 years and has found that Grannum originated in Barbados in the 1740s. Grannums are now found in Jamaica, Trinidad, Panama, Canada, Guyana, USA, and UK; some families live in Germany and South Africa.

See for more information on Grannum research. Your participation in the DNA Project will be an invaluable contribution to both your family research and towards discovering more information about the Grannum surname and the origin of the surname.

By analysing the DNA (Y-Chromosome) of men with known Grannum paternal line (ie father's father's father etc) and comparing this with documentary evidence it will possible to bring relatives together. The Y-chromosome is only passed from fathers to sons. Women do not inherit this chromosome and so if you wish to test your paternal line you will need to obtain swabs from your father, brothers, cousins and uncles etc.

We recommend that men order a Y-DNA for 37 markers, if possible. If you order fewer markers you can upgrade later but this costs slightly more.