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The purpose of this project is twofold: to determine how the various Gossetts in the US are related; and, to establish, through the use of DNA testing, the origins of the Gossetts in Europe. I have direct evidence that John Gossett was a married adult in Delaware no later than 1709. He may be the progenitor of all Gossett lines in America. Testing will determine if his three documented sons, John, William, and James, are the ancestors of all American Gossetts. To date 27 people are involved as participants and the results are very interesting. You may view an overivew of results and lineage charts at our project home page: http://www.ithacoin.com/gossettYDNA/home.htm We need additional participants, especially from the John Gossett of Pennsylvania (Newcomer book) and William Gossett of Randolph CO, NC (Jerkins' book)lines to fill out the information and ensure the results are meaningful. We are in contact with relatives in France and hope to involve Gossetts in Europe in our analysis.