The Gorman DNA Project

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About us

The Gorman DNA Project is a Y-chromosome project. We do NOT work with either mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test results, nor with autosomal test results (e.g., FTDNA's Family Finder test). If you have taken (or are now ordering) a Y-DNA test (e.g., Family Tree DNA's Y-37, Y-67, or Y-111 test, or the Big Y-500 or Big Y-700 test), AND your paternal Y-DNA lineage is known or suspected to bear the Gorman surname (or a variant), or you have some evidence that it should have borne this surname, then you are welcome to join this project. If you have tested positive for any of the SNPs A7633, A7635, or A12872, then you qualify for this project, no matter what your surname is. Please identify yourself as such when submitting a join request. If your Gorman ancestry is via some other lineage than your paternal surname-bearing lineage, then you do not bear any relevant DNA to this project, and there is therefore no benefit to join. If the testee is female, then you do not have the correct type of DNA for this project. If you are a female submitting a join request for a tested male family member, please explain this in your join request. Some men bearing the surname Burk / Burke / Burks or Cleary / Clary are known to be related to a particular Gorman Y-DNA lineage, so please contact me if you have one of those surnames and would like to know if your test results are a match. Please contact me if you have any question about your qualifications for the project.