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The Golden Family Project encourages researchers to find their common heritage through sharing of information and dna testing. All variant spellings are welcome. If your Surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it. While Golden is the most common spelling, there are at least 20 different variations of the name from kin with origin in Ireland and the United Kingdom. There are also some 50 variations worldwide that can become anglicized as Golden, Golding, Goulden, etc. Many names have been anglicized ... with origin as Goldbart, Goldbaum, Goldberg, Goldberger, Goldblatt, Goldblitt, Goldblum, Goldbrunn, Golde, Golden, Goldenbaum, Goldenberg, Goldenthal, Goldfarb, Goldfeder, Goldfish, Goldfluss, Goldhaber, Goldhammer, Goldheim, Goldhirsch, Goldich, Golding, Goldkorn, Goldkrantz, Goldkraut, Goldmann, Goldmann, Goldmark, Goldner, Goldreich, Goldsand, Goldscheider, Goldschild, Goldschlag, Goldschmidt, Goldsmith, Goldstadt, Goldstaub, Goldstein, Goldstern, Goldstrand, Goldstrom, Goldzweig, Mag Ualghairg, MacGoldrick, McGoldrick, Gallen, Goldrick, Ó Goilidhe, Ó Goilín, Ó Goillín, O’Gullin, Ó Gallín The Gaulding / Gaulden / Gauldins have roots back to John Gaulding, 1665 of St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. At this time there is no genetic connection between the Goldens and the Gauldings, however numerous misspellings and phonetic misspellings in records make being in partnership with the Golden DNA Group Project a smart fit for we Gauldings.