Glen Glyn Glynn Glinn McGlynn MacGlynn Maglen Maglinne or Maglyne
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About us

July 9, 2010. The Glenn, Glynn, Glen Surname DNA Project has been working since 2003 to establish relationships between the various Glenn families worldwide. As a supplement to traditional genealogical research, this Y-DNA study will help identify Glenn families who share a common male ancestor. There are many apparently unrelated families that use the Glenn surname. Some Glenns are of Irish ancestry, some are French, and some are English. Also, some clans, like mine for example, may have taken the Glenn name based on a group they felt an affinity to--even if they were not related to all of the people in that group. Genetic DNA testing is not a magic wand. When you find a close match, it gives you the potential to collaborate with another researcher of your surname to determine a connection--which can lead to a breakthrough. A perfect match with someone of the same surname on 25 or 27 markers almost always indicates a direct connection -- but that connection could still be beyond the paper trail that exists -- especially with the Irish Glynns (most Irish records were lost in a 1921 Dublin fire). That said, finding a perfect match with someone in Ireland is my long term goal ... one I am still waiting for ... but every new member creates potential.