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About us

This group has been established for male participants with the surname Gilliland and other closely related spellings.  The objective is to determine relationships that might be difficult to prove using traditional methods of genealogical research.  So far, we have discovered through DNA testing that there were two distinct groups of Gillilands that came to America early and the two groups are not closely related.  These two groups have been labeled Group 1 and Group 2.  DNA testing will help determine which group your Gilliland ancestor belongs to.

The DNA tests used for genetic genealogy contain no personal information, and the tests are quite different from those used by forensic scientists in criminal investigations or by doctors to identify paternity. Furthermore, the test itself cannot identify a unique individual, as close male members of the same family (brothers, uncles, cousins) will in all probability have identical results.

To order a kit click on the "Join Request" tab at the top of this page. Tests ordered through this project are charged at the special group rate which provides a substantial saving on the standard FamilyTreeDNA price.


You can click on the link to “Results” under the tab “About This Group” to see the ancestral information of the Y-DNA participants.