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Germanna DNA Project

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About us

Why have a Germanna DNA Project?

DNA testing has become a reality and it is an additional genealogical tool that can add to our wealth of Germanna Genealogy.

What can a Germanna DNA Project tell us?

The DNA Project can tell us who the rest of our Germanna eighth great grandparents were, not just the patrilineal and matrilineal Germanna great grand parents.

How is this possible?

The Germanna immigrants traveled to America with friends and family. They tended to migrate southward and westward from the Piedmont area of Virginia the same way. Genealogical evidence shows that many of the families intermarried for generations as they migrated and this has created a unique opportunity through DNA testing to discover more than our patrilineal great great grandfather or our matrilineal great great grandmother. So instead of know just your Eight great grandfather Nicholas Jager and your eight great grandmother AnnaMaria Blankenbaker DNA, you can possibly discover the DNA of the rest of your eight great grandparents.