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Joseph Fuller Joseph Fuller
August 16 @ 10:46am
I had my Y dna done in 2008. I have a one marker difference from Ezekiel (Y DNA37). I did some VA, NC, GA, research with the help of John B. Fuller. I’m a decedent of Ezekiel’s youngest son Timothy. Timothy, David, Crawford and George C. Fuller of Spalding Co. GA. I’m now trying to match the DNA of Eziekiel against any databases I can find online from the UK.
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Gerald Fuller
September 2 @ 11:29am
Hi Joseph & Wayne, I am also one marker difference from Ezekiel on DNA37. I am a decedent of Ezekiel's 2nd son Ezekiel II. I would be interested in your research in the UK.
Gerald Fuller
September 2 @ 11:33am
Wayne, are you the William Wayne Fuller? I am 5 markers away from a William Wayne Fuller on Y DNA 111.
Wayne Fuller
February 27 @ 10:50am
Gerald (btw, I am Gerald Wayne Fuller Jr !) .... I am not. My kit is #432913 and shown in the "Other Haplo... " group
Willis Fuller
May 18 @ 7:39am
I am also a Wayne! Kit B176129. I can document through family and census data back to George W. Fuller in Paulding Cty, GA, and DNA has me closely matched to descendants of William Fuller and Sarah Bonds (Cinthia and Temperance). This William was most probably the son of Isham, (according to dates, places, and dna links), so I think this means I am most likely from Solomon’s line.
Kathleen McGonigle Kathleen McGonigle
January 13 @ 7:06am
Jan 13, 2019 My Fuller family hasn't ventured too far from 1620 Plymouth Mass. My Fuller roots run deep in Massachusetts. My 8th Great Grandfather is Robert Fuller father of Samuel of the Mayflower (brother of Edward). My line is as follows Robert Fuller Samuel Fuller Samuel Fuller Jr Timothy Fuller Timothy Fuller Timothy Fuller Emeline Frances Fuller Keene (my Great Great Grandmother) Florence Fuller Alger (my great grandmother) Cora Alger Lonergan (my grandmother) James Lonergan (my dad) Me! My family has never left New England..Plymouth, Rehoboth, Duxbury, Dartmouth, East and West Bridgewater, Salem and Brockton. I have found some very interesting finds through researching my families past.
Shane Marks
January 13 @ 3:45pm
Hi Kathleen, my father was adopted by his Uncle and we did not know who his father is however on every ancestry site and my ydna matches show that his real father seems to be a Fuller or of Fuller ancestry. His real mother (who he grew up thinking was his father). Lived in East Bridgewater. Anything in your research that could help me with my research?
Lecio Gomes
January 15 @ 3:08pm
gedmatch T518947
Kathleen McGonigle
April 10 @ 12:45pm
Shane please let me know what East Bridgewater Fuller names you looking for (if you know) I might be able to help you. Several Fuller’s in EB my own great grandmother was Fuller who lived in EB
sharon dietzway sharon dietzway
January 19 @ 11:43am
My daughter is trying to put a family tree together and I was going through papers and found a Samuel d Fuller or I believe was married to a Sarah. He was born in 1764 and died in 1826 Sarah died in 1859 I was adopted but I am 99.9% sure Ina Hazel Fuller was my biological mother but have no idea who my father is We have reach a dead end on tracing the fuller family
Pam Paschke
April 1 @ 4:16pm
I hope you have made some progress in the last year. You don't mention any locations or more recent dates, perhaps that would be of help to others considering a connection.
Cynthia Thompson Cynthia Thompson
February 18 @ 12:23pm
This is the only photograph I have of my paternal grandfather, Norman P Fuller. He was born to Paul and Mary Fuller in Dec 1896 in Chicago, IL. According to census records (1900 census): Paul Sr. was born in Dec 1869 in Germany (both his parents were born in Germany as well), he obtained citizenship about 1884, his wife Mary born in May 1867 in Pennsylvania; according to this census Mary had one son named William prior to marriage with Paul Sr. Paul Sr. and Mary had two sons Norman (my grandfather) and Paul Jr. born in Feb 1900 in Illinois. I am stuck on this part of my tree and hope I can find help here. My father Pat (Norman Patrick Fuller, now Martin after being adopted by his step-father at a very young age) and I are trying to find more information on the Fuller side of family. Norman P Fuller died in Oklahoma City, OK July 31, 1964 and is buried (unmarked grave) at Memorial Park Cemetery. We know from some notes/records he was an actor/stage performer. Paul Sr. was not listed on census records after the 1900 census. Any information would be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
Pam Paschke
April 1 @ 4:13pm
Since he is your grandfather, I hope you are testing your autosomal DNA at multiple testing sites. You should find matches to the great-grandparents and likely beyond.
Joseph Fuller Joseph Fuller has a question!
March 4 @ 7:24am
Searching for any other FULLER men with Ashkenazi DNA. Our brick wall is a Harry D. Fuller, born about 1870 in Ohio (?), lived in the late 1800's in and around Cleveland. yDNA shows his haplogroup as E-M35 at 67 markers.
December 26 @ 7:39pm
My name is Christy Martin. I am the Grand Daughter of Hamilton Brock Fuller. Great Grand Daughter of Henry H. Fuller, the first Bishop of Niagara and Katherine Spratt. Great Great Grand Daughter of Thomas B. Fuller and Cynthia Street. Hamilton Brock Fuller had 2 brothers and 1 sister ( I believe). We believe from records that HB Fuller and his younger brother went off to the Boer War together. When Hamilton Brock returned from the Boer War, he became an RCMP officer in Manitoba and he wrote a book about the Boer War, titled On the Firing Line. I am trying to find other family members. My Mother Catherine Joy Fuller and I are both adopted so we do not have Fuller or Mackay DNA. 2 of the trees that I am involved with on Ancestry are: • MARTIN Family Tree • MARTIN / BUSH/ EAMON/BAKER/WARNER AND FULLER/MACKAY Family Tree chrism666@outlook.com Fergus, Ontario, canada
Willis Fuller Willis Fuller has a question!
December 10 @ 9:28am
I am looking for information on Joseph Fuller, b.1852 and Charles Fuller b.1854 in Georgia. Their father was George W. Fuller. I'm also interested in verifying their mother's maiden name, which might have been Merritt. Her given name is Carline or Caroline. Thanks!
Willis Fuller Willis Fuller
June 16, 2017 @ 9:51pm
Okay, I paid the $19.00 fee weeks ago, but the kit's DNA info still is not showing up in the charts. How long does it take?
Pam Paschke
August 27, 2017 @ 12:02pm
Sadly, there is no chart for the atDNA results - but you can access your project matches through your account. If you take a Y-DNA test, then your results show in the chart. What you DO get is a list of your matches, their contact info, and the ability to filter your matches by people who are in our project (that really helps when people have not entered their surnames). If you have more questions, please email me (the admin) . My apologies for the slow reponse (my notifications aren't working)
Willis Fuller
June 5, 2018 @ 2:23pm
It’s ok, I kinda gave up and went away, but then I came back. I wish I’d known that before I paid the fee. Then I couldn’t find a way to get the upgrade without paying the fee again, so I just did a Ydna 111 kit instead. Do you upload the results, or am I supposed to do something? I really don’t understand this STR stuff. I was hoping the Y-111 would be good enough to help us find out who Ezekiell Fuller’s father really was. I am dead certain of my tree back to George W. Fuller b. 2 Dec 1810, Laurens, S.C., m. Caroline 1852, d. after 1880 census in Paulding County, GA. And I am genetically linked to Temperance and Cinthia Fuller, sisters of the George W. Fuller born to Isham Fuller, and descendants of Jones Jacob Fuller, brother to Isham Fuller. So, I am reasonably certain that I belong to descendants of Ezekiel Fuller. But was William the Roundhead Ezekiel’s father or not?
Joseph Fuller
July 7, 2018 @ 2:46pm
William’s DNA is different from Ezekiel’s. No relation at all.
Willis Fuller
December 10 @ 9:06am
I didn't think so, thanks!
Jim Fuller Jim Fuller has a question!
September 8 @ 10:57am
QUESTION ABOUT MAYFLOWER DESCENDANT LABEL FROM FTDNA. I've taken the Y67 test and FTDNA has labeled my test result as a Mayflower Descendant. What does this mean? What is the criteria for the Mayflower Descendant? The Mayflower Fullers (Edward, Samuel) had at least 2 brothers (Matthew, Robert) who came to America later. Is the Y-67 test specific enough 12 generations back to be confident that ancestor is distinguished between the brothers? Not sure I can declare that I'm a Mayflower Descendant with the mix of family members. Any ideas?
Bruce Fuller
November 5 @ 4:41pm
I read somewhere that descendants of Edward Fuller and his brother, Samuel, are distinguished by the fact that descendants of Samuel have a mutation that sets them apart from Edward's descendants. Matthew Fuller is now accepted as a son of Edward Fuller, Sr.
Edward Godfrey
November 18 @ 11:15am
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Edward Godfrey Edward Godfrey
November 15 @ 10:46am
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