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Brothers Edward and Samuel Fuller, sons of Robert Fuller of Redenhall, England, were passengers on the Mayflower.  Edward Fuller had  perhaps two children:  Matthew (born about 1605, died 1678 - see next paragraph) and Samuel (born about 1608).  This Samuel (of Edward) was also a Mayflower passenger and married Jane Lathrop in Scituate, Mass; they had 9 children.  

Matthew arrived some time after Edward (by 1640).  He married Frances and had five children -- some researchers believe Matthew was a son of John Fuller, brother to Edward and Samuel of the Mayflower.   Matthew's parentage is still subject to evaluation.

Samuel Fuller (the elder) was married three times, but children have only been identified from his third wife Bridget Lee.   It is believed they had three children:  Bridget (born in Lieden who immigrated to America after 1627), Mercy (of whom nothing further is known), and Samuel Jr (born about 1629, died 1695).  Samuel Jr married perhaps twice and had seven children (six by wife Elizabeth Bowen).

Another early Fuller immigrant was Robert Fuller, born in England around 1615, perhaps a son of Thomas Fuller of England (brother of above Edward and Samuel, the elder).  Robert married Sarah Bowen at Salem about 1639.  In 1645-1650, Robert went to Rehoboth.  They had six children, and he died in 1706.

Another immigrant was Thomas Fuller, a blacksmith, who arrived about 1638 and settled in Woburn, part of Massachusetts Bay Colony.  He later lived in Middleton and Salem.  Thomas is an ancestor of R. Buckminster Fuller.

There have been many male Fuller descendants who have participated in a Y-DNA study of the Fuller surname.  The results demonstrate a strong connection among many of those tested.   We hope that the Y-DNA results will assist other Fuller descendants who do not carry the surname to also find their connections to each other and their Fuller immigrant.