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About us

We have been successful in achieving six Fulgham/Fulghum matches since the inception of the project. After obtaining my test results, I was contacted by Leslie Leo Fulgham. He had learned of the project at the 2003 Fulgham/Fulghum Family National Association Reunion. Leslie is a Fulgham and I am a Fulghum. Our family lines both settled in the Republic of Texas in 1839 (Nacogdoches and Tyler). Tests results for the two of us indicated an exact match. Leslie and I have documentation indicating that our most recent common ancestor was Captain Anthony Fulgham of the Isle of Wight County, Virginia, circa 1640. In December 2004, Philip Anthony Fulghum joined and was a 12-marker match. In February 2005, Robert S. Fulghum joined and was a 12-marker match. In March 2005, James N. Fulgham joined and was a 12-marker match. Finally, in August 2005, Raymond L. Fulgham joined the project and we had our first 24-marker match. As with Leslie Fulgham, all six matches can connect with Captain Anthony Fulgham. Philip, Robert and I, however, are more recently connected through ties in North Carolina in the 1700s.